Figure 4: Generalized additive models of the bioclimatic distribution of Isoodon obesulus obesulus, based on (a) six variables, (b) four variables, and (c) three variables. -axis: probability of occurrence. -axis: BIOCLIM variables. AP (annual precipitation in mm: sum of all monthly precipitation estimates); PDP (precipitation of the driest period in mm interpolated weeks); PS (precipitation seasonality: Coefficient of Variation, the standard deviation of weekly precipitation estimates expressed as a percentage of the annual mean); TAR (temperature annual range in °C: maximum temperature of the warmest week minus minimum temperature of the coldest week); ISO (isothermality: mean diurnal range (weekly maximum minus minimum) divided by temperature annual range); AMT (annual mean temperature in °C: mean of all weekly mean temperatures, which are the mean of each week’s maximum and minimum temperatures). Arrows and numerals on (c) indicate values of AP illustrated in Figure 5.