Table 1: Traveling time of autumn migration in days as derived from Movebank data.

Tag number Approximate location before leaving for autumn migrationDate of start of migrationDate when passing 18° NorthNumber of days passed

14543B52.1° North25/08/199718/09/199724
40534B52.1° North16/08/200401/09/200416
52.1° North26/08/200511/09/200516
52.1° North15/08/200609/09/200625
77195A52.1° North11/09/200901/10/200920
91397A53.9° North15/08/200930/08/200915
93411A51.8° North21/08/200911/09/200921
51.8° North12/08/201002/09/201021
93412A53.3° North18/08/200908/09/200921
Average of 
travelling time
Standard deviation 
from average