Table 2: Travelling time in days of spring migration as derived from Movebank data.

Tag numberDate when passing 18° North lineDate of arrival to breeding siteLocation of breeding siteNumber of days passed

14544D27/03/199901/05/199952.1° North35
40534B23/03/200525/04/200552.1° North33
22/03/200621/04/200652.1° North30
54988A12/03/201105/04/201154.2° North24
77195A29/03/201001/05/201052.1° North33
18/02/201104/04/201152.1° North45
91399A18/02/201026/03/201054.2° North36
93411A05/03/201004/04/201051.8° North30
28/02/201104/04/201151.8° North35
Average of travel time33.44
Standard deviation5.68