International Journal of Electrochemistry / 2014 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Synthesis and Electrochemical Performance of LiMnPO4 by Hydrothermal Method

Table 1

The list of precursors and conditions for sample preparation.

SamplePrecursorsTemperature[H2O]/[Mn] value

Various precursorsSample ALiAcMnAcNH4H2PO4190°C30
Sample BLiOHMnAcNH4H2PO4190°C30
Sample CLiAcMnSO4NH4H2PO4190°C30
Sample DLiOHMnSO4NH4H2PO4190°C30

Various conditionsSample BLiOHMnAcNH4H2PO4190°C30
Sample ELiOHMnAcNH4H2PO4190°C15
Sample FLiOHMnAcNH4H2PO4150°C30
Sample GLiOHMnAcNH4H2PO4150°C15