Research Article

Differences between Groups of Family Physicians with Different Attitudes towards At-Risk Drinkers: A Post Hoc Study of the ODHIN Survey in Portugal

Table 3

Family physicians’ knowledge about sensible drinking limits.

Sensible drinking limitsGroup with worse attitudes
Group with better attitudes

Upper daily limit for a healthy man
 =2 standard drinks/units per day57 (40.7)41 (43.6)0.66
 ≠2 standard drinks/units per day83 (59.3)53 (56.4)
Upper daily limit for a nonpregnant healthy woman
 =1 standard drink/unit per day62 (44.3)40 (42.6)0.79
 ≠1 standard drink/unit per day78 (55.7)54 (57.4)

Chi-square test.