Research Article

Differences between Groups of Family Physicians with Different Attitudes towards At-Risk Drinkers: A Post Hoc Study of the ODHIN Survey in Portugal

Table 6

Agreement with selected facilitators for the implementation of alcohol screening and brief interventions.

FacilitatorsGroup with worse attitudes
Group with better attitudes

Public health education campaigns136 (97.1)92 (97.9)1.0
Patients requesting advice about alcohol139 (99.3)90 (95.7)0.16
Having quick and easy screening questionnaires134 (95.7)88 (93.6)0.55
Having quick and easy counselling materials136 (97.1)92 (97.9)1.0
Proof of alcohol’s early intervention effectiveness136 (97.1)90 (95.7)0.72
Training programs for early intervention for alcohol136 (97.1)90 (95.7)0.72
General support services (self-help/counselling)137 (97.9)92 (97.9)1.0
Better salary and working conditions115 (82.1)77 (81.9)0.96

Fisher’s exact test; chi-square test.