Table 4: Temperature durations of copper-constantan thermocouples placed at the soil surface and at 2 cm depth in the soil. Temperatures were quantified during prescribed fires conducted during May 1993 at Ocala National Forest and Archbold Biological Station, Florida. Temperature duration was defined as length of time that (0.75 maximum thermocouple temperature) was maintained or exceeded.

SiteDepth in soil (cm) Temperature duration (s) (median (range))

Archbold0 105 (20– 3260)
22020 (160– 3250)(a)
Ocala0 80 (65–1555)
22918 (675– 4625)(a)

Separate Kolmogorov-Smirnov tests were conducted for Archbold and Ocala sites to test for difference in temperature durations with depth in soil.