Table 6: Number of petri dishes from which charred Eriogonum floridanum seeds were recovered after controlled burns in sand pine scrub at Archbold Biological Station and at Ocala National Forest, Florida, versus number of petri dishes from which all seeds were recovered non-charred; and total number of non-charred seeds recovered. Petri dishes were placed at 0 cm and 2 cm depth in the soil, and in open and vegetated (from 0–2 m vegetation height) microsites. Each petri dish contained ten seeds.

Soil depth/micrositePetri dishes with charred seedsPetri dishes without charred seeds(a)Total non-charred seeds

0 cm/open1700
0 cm/vegetated16110
2 cm/open314154
2 cm/vegetated314156

More petri dishes with non-charred seeds were recovered from 2 cm depth ( , ).