Table 1: Summary of issues in Moroni et al. [1] addressed in this letter.

IssueClarification and adjustment provided

Insufficient context to display C flux scienceDescription of the state-of-the-science, including types of C stocks and fluxes needed to address the knowledge gaps in commercial forestry, applicable to [global] climate change science.
Earlier work contested and disputedLogic and explanation to show context, validity and significance of earlier work.
Redefinition of CCCValidity of the existing definition of CCC, its relevance to appropriately addressing the knowledge gap, and why their redefinition is inappropriate.
Methods and Results sectionsExplanation of data standards and methods necessary for scientific reproducibility in this field, to promote more useful reporting and more usability of data.
Discussion and Conclusions sectionsEcological context allowing interpretation the C dynamics. Explanation of how their results do not support some of their discussion and conclusions.
Additional realisationsCCC and C deficit calculated [from their data] to meet the stated aim and for climate relevance. Quantified validation of contested earlier work.