Table 2: Carbon deficit and CCC for State forests based on data in Moroni et al. [1], accounting for wet eucalypt only. Values were rounded to 3 sig. fig. not during calculations but for presentation. a: “110wawr” = age≥110 yrs, with and without regrowth.

#Carbon poolSourceC density or stockArea (Mha)

APotential, E1or2, 110wawraFigure  3303(±28.7) Mg ha−1
BPotential, E+3orX, 110wawrFigure  3188(±17.3) Mg ha−1
CExtant, E1or2 even-aged regrowthFigure  37.39(±0.813) Tg0.0950
DExtant, E+3orX even-aged regrowthFigure  32.22(±0.245) Tg0.0520
EExtant, native State-forestsFigure  3164(±2) Tg1.38
FPotential, E1or2 even-aged regrowth, 110wawrArea (C) × A28.8(±2.87) Tg0.0950
GPotential, E+3orX even-aged regrowth, 110wawrArea (D) × B9.78(±0.948) Tg0.0520
HDeficit, E1or2 plus E+3orXF+G-(C+D)29.0(±4) Tg0.147
CCC, native State-forestsE+H193(±23) Tg1.38