Table 1: Stand characteristics of six tropical Eucalyptus species at 43 years in the Tchianga experiment. The last column shows the mean annual mortality rate.

SpeciesNumber of plots VolumeMortality rate
Yield1Height2trees/ham2 ha−1cmmm3 ha−1% year−1

E. saligna 21465267.844.441.314272.1
E. resinifera 2253134.232.239.06802.8
E. camaldulensis 2230225.836.638.85113.9
E. macarthurii 1129425.036.833.14233.9
E. siderophloia 1183355.034.430.68581.5
E. grandis 2247634.635.557.110062.9

: number of trees per hectare; : stand basal area; : basal-area-weighted mean diameter; : basal-area-weighted mean height.
1Number of plots used in growth and yield analysis.
2Number of plots used for mean height modelling.