Research Article

Inconsistent Growth Response to Fertilization and Thinning of Lodgepole Pine in the Rocky Mountain Foothills Is Linked to Site Index

Table 1

Site properties for each of the 15 stands.

Site numberSite index
Basal area
Ecological subregion
(m  @ 50 years)(at breast height)(stems ha−1)(m2 ha−1)(m)

120.318800023.01238Upper foothills
220.4161104024.61281Upper foothills
319.5957405.81197Upper foothills
421.7650603.91104Lower foothills
519.722830017.01064Lower foothills
621.621866729.91041Lower foothills
719.3121116015.31341Upper foothills
821.4765338.31255Upper foothills
918.215242011.11346Lower foothills
1016.619302711.21473Upper foothills
1118.7492001.21480Upper foothills
1220.818696021.91084Upper foothills
1318.818928015.31169Upper foothills
1418.4181464022.11208Upper foothills
1522.591008014.91096Lower foothills