Table 6: Effect of introducing a shrub layer on FCCS fire behavior potentials for 9 yr old eucalyptus plantation, as compared to a longleaf/slash pine stand with the shrub layer managed by periodic prescribed burning.

9 yr old eucalyptus plantation 9 yr old eucalyptus plantation with shrub layerLongleaf and slash pine forest with prescribed burning (FCCS 191)

Surface fire behaviour potential 677
Reaction potential2.347.9
Spread potential6.47.96.9
Flame length potential2.84.25.7
Crown fire potential662
Initiation potential1.73.13.1
Transmissivity potential8.98.90
Spread potential8.692.7
Available fuel potential442
Flame available fuel potential3.63.91.4
Smoldering available fuel potential000.4
Residual available fuel potential000.1
FCCS fire potential code664764722
Flame length (m)0.611.312.44
Spread rate (m hr−1)184.71248.7217.63