Table 4: Summary of inventory data and estimated mean closure (c) and model agreement with data for the tree species. Symbols and units in Table 1.

Species# number of forest units Forest unit area* (km2) Age* (yrs)Modeled closure*Model fit to data (PRMSE)
Model B Model B

Abies sp.19235800.6215.520.3
Betula sp.55473540.7623.642.2
Fagus sylvatica33934860.6321.427.6
Larix sp.24164570.7020.422.1
Picea abies612465710.6018.724.3
Pinus pinaster131416450.6327.129.6
Pinus sylvetris, Pinus nigra583634710.6522.125.7
Populus sp.9678450.5220.260.2
Pseudotsuga menziesii3288300.7127.537.1
Quercus sp.43913800.5826.034.4

#species data in Table 2. *values are means for each species.