International Journal of Forestry Research / 2014 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Effect of Seed Size of Afzelia quanzensis on Germination and Seedling Growth

Table 2

Mean seedling height and root collar diameter growth with standard errors in parenthesis at 37, 65, and 86 days after sowing.

Treatment37 days after sowing65 days after sowing86 days after sowing
Height (cm)Root collar diameter (mm)Height (cm)Root collar diameter (mm)Height (cm)Root collar diameter (mm)

Small seeds13.15 (0.53)c0.3 (0.03)c13.85 (0.18)c0.5 (0.03)b14.53 (0.52)c0.5 (0.01)c
Medium seeds15.22 (0.42)b0.4 (0.01)b16.75 (0.40)b0.5 (0.01)b17.30 (0.44)b0.6 (0.02)b
Large seeds16.77 (0.37)a0.5 (0.01)a19.38 (0.45)a0.6 (0.03)a22.95 (0.60)a0.8 (0.02)a

Note. Means with different letters within a column differ ( ).