International Journal of Forestry Research / 2016 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Synchrony in Leafing, Flowering, and Fruiting Phenology of Senegalia senegal within Lake Baringo Woodland, Kenya: Implication for Conservation and Tree Improvement

Table 2

Correlation of S. senegal phenological events with climatic factors.

Environmental variablesLeaf initiationPeak leaf fallPeak floweringPeak fruiting
Coeff. valueCoeff. valueCoeff. valueCoeff. value

Maximum daily temperatures (°C)0.2260.1060.4140.0010.1400.0760.2120.044
Monthly total precipitation (mm)0.3580.0310.0010.3470.0210.4920.001
Mean relative humidity (%)0.1160.0910.0820.1210.2180.0180.912
Mean soil moisture content (m3/m3)0.4880.0010.0010.2780.0370.3980.001

Significant at ; significant at .