Table 5: Least square means and standard error of various response variables in seedlings treated with different inoculations.

LS Mean ± SE
LS Mean ± SE
LS Mean ± SE
LS Mean ± SE
LS Mean ± SE

LL/HT0.57 ±0.03a0.94 ±0.03b0.30 ±0.03c0.29 ±0.03c-
OL/HT0.66 ±0.03a1.15 ±0.03b0.26 ±0.03c0.28 ±0.03c-
HTI18.60 ±1.33ab17.58 ±1.33b20.43 ±1.33ab20.59 ±1.33a20.48 ±1.33ab
BB1.69 ±0.21a1.60 ±0.21a2.09 ±0.21ab2.01 ±0.21a2.68 ±0.22b
Ny5.11 ±0.46ab4.64 ±0.45b5.74 ±0.46a5.56 ±0.46a5.84 ±0.45a
Sy3.77 ±0.24a4.12 ±0.24ab4.59 ±0.25bc4.23 ±0.24ab4.81 ±0.24c
FRY0.96 ±0.10a0.94 ±0.10a1.20 ±0.10bc1.01 ±0.10ab1.23 ±0.10c

Note. SE: standard error, LL/HT: lesion length/seedling height, OL/HT: occlusion length/seedling height, HTI: height growth, BB: new bud-break, Ny: needle dry biomass, Sy: stem dry biomass, FRY: fine root dry biomass, GH: Grosmannia huntii, LT: Leptographium terebrantis, W: wound, WM: wound + media, NW: no wound, and NW -: not applicable. Different letters indicate Tukey pair-wise differences among different inoculations within each variable at α = 0.05.