Table 2: % Bioaccessibility of the polyphenol content after the gastric and duodenal phases of digestion.


Jing Assam Breakfast1140.7121.2
Organic Jade Sword1133.2131.0
Organic Dragon Well1123.2128.1
Jing Earl Grey1121.0127.7
Jasmine Pearls1172.2204.0
Flowering Osmanthus1176.8189.3
Flowering Jasmine and Lily1160.5174.6
Moroccan Mint1128.0124.3
Jing Ceylon1124.6127.4
Jing Darjeeling 2nd flush1133.5142.4
Jasmine Silver Needle1204.1233.6
Yellow Gold Oolong1194.4233.5
Jun Shan Silver Needle1153.9147.1
Kagoshima Sencha1143.7134.7
Taiwan Ali Shan Oolong1207.9231.1
Clipper Black Tea2136.6126.6
Clipper Green Tea2132.0125.3
Clipper White Tea2165.1176.6

Whole teas, 2bagged teas.