International Journal of Genomics / 2009 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Classification of Nonenzymatic Homologues of Protein Kinases

Table 3

List of 13 rat PKLNKs. Substitutions of various important residues in the motifs which are generally conserved in the functional protein kinase are shown for each rat PKLNK. “-” indicates deletion.

Gene code“HRD” motif in the catalytic loopActivation loop startActivation loop end

gi 19173772 ref NP_596900.1PRH- - -APE
gi 13027458 ref NP_076490.1HRNDFHAPE
gi 16758684 ref NP_446283.1HGRDYGAPE
gi 477540 pir A49183HGNDYGAPE
gi 13242283 ref NP_077356.1HGRDHGAPE
gi 204270 gb AAA41202.1HGNDYGAPE
gi 18543337 ref NP_570093.1HGRDHGAPE
gi 16758694 ref NP_446290.1HGSDYGAPE
gi 109476840 ref XP_001061647.1HGNDPGAPE
gi 149044565 gb EDL97824.1HGNDPGAPE
gi 2288925 emb CAA04187.1HGNDLGAPE
gi 2499669 sp Q62689.1HGNDPGPPE
gi 2499671 sp Q63272.1HGNDPGAPE