International Journal of Genomics / 2009 / Article / Tab 8

Research Article

Classification of Nonenzymatic Homologues of Protein Kinases

Table 8

Common and unique domain structures of PKLNKs and protein kinases encoded in the data set of genomes. Abbreviations followed in the table are Mad3_BUB1_I, Mad3/BUB1 homology region 1; Pkinase, Protein kinase; PKLNK, Protein kinase-like nonkinase; TM, Transmembrane; SH2, Src-homology 2; I-set, Immunoglobulin; Ank, Ankyrin; fn3, Fibronectin type III; Ephrin_lbd, Ephrin receptor ligand binding domain; SAM, Sterile alpha motif; HNOBA, Heme NO binding associated; Guanylate_cyc, Guanylate cyclase.

Domain structure unique to PKLNKsDomain structure unique to protein kinasesDomain structure common to protein kinases and PKLNKs

PKLNK, HEAT 2TM, ANF_receptor, Pkinase, Guanylate_cycSH2, PKLNK, Pkinase
Ank 2, PKLNKI-set 2, PkinaseRecep_L_domain, Furin-like, Recep_L_domain, TM, PKLNK
TUDOR, PKLNKMad3_BUB1_I, PkinasePKLNK, Pkinase
ANF_receptor, TM, PKLNK, HNOBA, Guanylate_cycAnk 3, PkinaseTM, WSC, fn3, TM, PKLNK
ANF_receptor, TM, PKLNK, Guanylate_cyc
PKLNK, TBC, Rhodanese
PKLNK, Guanylate_cyc
TM, Ephrin_lbd, fn3 2, TM, PKLNK, SAM
I-set 18, fn3, I-set 2, PKLNK, I-set, fn3, PKLNK
TM, PKLNK, Guanylate_cyc
ANF_receptor, PKLNK, Guanylate_cyc
Ephrin_lbd, fn3 2, TM, PKLNK, SAM
Death, PKLNK