International Journal of Genomics / 2012 / Article / Fig 1

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Transposable Elements Are a Significant Contributor to Tandem Repeats in the Human Genome

Figure 1

Relative abundance of major families and subfamilies of TEs that generate TRs. Relative abundance is calculated by dividing the number of TE-derived minisatellites by the total number of members in that TE family. (a) Relative abundance of major families of TR-associated TEs. The actual number of TE-derived TRs is at the top of each bar. (b) Relative abundance of subfamilies of TR-associated Alus. The color-shaded boxes are average relative abundance for the group with blue for AluJ, green for AluS, and orange for AluY. It is evident that the average relative abundance increases from AluJ to AluS to AluY.