Table 8: Genotype and allele frequencies of the TSP-1-1223 A/G polymorphism among the bladder cancer cases with survival information.

GenotypesRecurrence ( )Nonrecurrence ( ) Adjusted HR (95% CI)b
% % 

AA2532.1 7950.01.00 (reference)
AG3342.3 5836.70.0621.68 (0.97–2.88)
GG2025.6 2113.30.0022.63 (1.43–4.83)

AA 2532.1 7950.01.00 (reference)
AG + GG5367.9 7950.00.0071.95 (1.20–3.19)

AG + AA5874.413786.71.00 (reference)
GG2025.6 2113.30.0062.07 (1.23–3.49)

A allele8353.221663.4
G allele7346.810036.6

CI: confidence interval; HR: hazard ratio.
aTwo-sided test for allele frequencies between the cases and controls.
bAdjusted for age, gender, smoking, drinking status, and family history of cancer in cox regression model.
The bold font refers to the statistical significance of result.