Figure 3: Quantification of Igf2 and Igf2as expression during C2C12 myoblast differentiation. The C2C12 cells were maintained in differentiation media (DM) during a total time of 144 h. In the graph V3 and Igf2as correspond to Igf2 variant 3 and Igf2as transcripts, respectively. The results are presented in relative expression. Each bar represents the mean of cells from three culture flasks each quantified in triplicate. The standard deviation for each time point is indicated. The images of C2C12 murine myoblast cells correspond to (a) C2C12 in growth media, (b) C2C12 after 6 h, (c) 24 h, (d) 48 h, (e) 96 h, and (f) 144 h in DM. The scale bar is indicated (30  m). and .