Table 5: Enriched upregulated pathways and biological processes by DQP treatment.

Term% valueGenes

KEGG pathway
Carbon metabolism7.50.000027ME1, ALDOA, GOT2, ME3, ACADM, ENO3, SUCLA2
Biosynthesis of antibiotics6.50.004ALDOA, GOT2, ACADM, ENO3, SUCLA2, HADHB
Metabolic pathways15.10.008NDUFA4, ALDOA, ME1, ME3, ACADM, CHKB, UQCRFS1, HADHB, GOT2, ACSL1, CKM, MCCC1, ENO3, SUCLA2
Fatty acid degradation3.20.023ACSL1, ACADM, HADHB
Fatty acid metabolism3.20.030ACSL1, ACADM, HADHB
Valine, leucine, and isoleucine degradation3.20.031ACADM, MCCC1, HADHB

GO_biological process
Pyruvate metabolic process3.20.001ME1, ME3, PFKFB2
Response to hormone5.40.001ME1, BDNF, ACADM, ADRA1B, UQCRFS1
Response to drug8.60.013BDNF, ACSL1, ACADM, ADRA1B, ENO3, AQP7, UQCRFS1, SOD2
Glycolytic process3.20.015ALDOA, PFKFB2, ENO3
Negative regulation of fat cell differentiation3.20.021VEGFA, INSIG1, SOD2
Regulation of synaptic plasticity3.20.021BDNF, PSEN2, RAPGEF2
Muscle contraction3.20.024TRDN, MYOM2, TMOD4
Response to cold3.20.026ACADM, VEGFA, SOD2
Intraciliary transport involved in cilium morphogenesis2.20.033IFT81, PCM1
Oxidation-reduction process8.60.036ME1, NDUFA4, ME3, ACADM, L2HGDH, UQCRFS1, OXR1, HADHB