Table 6: Mean wind speed (WS) shear (m s−1 hPa−1) for four levels within the atmospheric column are provided. Values are shown for the means of each system type for pre-MCS, during MCS, and post-MCS wind profiles along with the statistical significance based on a Student's t-test.

1000–800 hPa800–600 hPa600–400 hPa400–150 hPa

Pre-MCS WS (TCP)0.0250.040−0.024−0.037
Pre-MCS WS (NTCP)0.021−0.0080.0070.012
Stat. Sign. at 95%NoYesNoYes
Dur-MCS WS (TCP)0.0290.033−0.024−0.036
Dur-MCS WS (NTCP)0.0250.017−0.0140.021
Stat. Sign. at 95%NoNoNoYes
Post-MCS WS (TCP)0.0540.020−0.007−0.059
Post-MCS WS (NTCP)0.0380.022−0.028−0.004
Stat. Sign. at 95%YesNoYesYes