Table 3: Static stability stratification of ABL determined from equivalent potential temperature at 1200 UTC for case studies.

StationsStudy caseInversion of Characterization

Niamey (red)08/26/06 at 1200 UTC0–1000 mUnstable layer
1000–1700 mNeutral layer
1700–2000 mStable layer

Dakar (blue)08/17/06 at 1200 UTC0–200 mUnstable Layer
200–600 mNeutral layer
600–800 mStable layer
800–1300 mUnstable layer
1300–1400 mUnstable layer
1400–2000 mUnstable layer

Sal (green)08/19/06 at 1200 UTC0–600 mStable layer
600–2000 mUnstable layer