Figure 2: (a) Coronal-oblique MIP image showing a tortuous gastro-lieno-renal shunt (asterisks) draining multiple gastroesophageal collaterals (arrowheads) into the superior aspect of the left renal vein (arrow); (b) coronal MIP image demonstrating a mesentericorenal and a mesentericocaval shunt in the same patient (black and white arrowheads, resp.). Asterisk: right renal vein, black arrow: IVC, and white arrow: superior mesenteric vein (double portosystemic shunts); (c) coronal-oblique MIP image demonstrating a dilated and tortuous mesentericocaval shunt (arrowheads) communicating between the superior mesenteric vein (white arrow) and the inferior vena cava (black arrow); (d) axial CECT image showing multiple duodenal and paraduodenal collaterals (asterisks). Arrowhead denotes the duodenum.