Table 5

82-Cardiovascular outcomes in 61 patientsFrequency

Myocardial infarction6 (2.4%)
Acute coronary syndrome3(1.2%)
New diagnosis of angina pectoris4(1.6)
Sudden cardiac death0
Cardiac arrhythmias34 (13.9%)
Acute left ventricular failure0
Fatal or non-fatal cerebrovascular event15 (6.5%)
Peripheral vascular disease5 (2%)
Fatal or non-fatal abdominal aortic aneurysm1 (0.4%)
Renal failure (CKD ≥ stage 3)14 (5.7%)

Statistically significant associations (Fisher exact test)
Cerebrovascular events and absent nocturnal dip ≤ 10%
Cerebrovascular events high day time DBP
Peripheral vascular disease and morning surge ≥ 20/15 mmHg
Cardiac arrhythmias and high day time
Cardiac arrhythmias and night time DBP