Table 1: General characteristics of the study cohort.

Body mass index (kg/m2)
Obesity (%)18
Left ventricular mass index (kg/m2)
Left ventricular hypertrophy (%)54.2
Systolic blood pressure (mmHg)
Diastolic blood pressure (mmHg)
Heart rate (bpm)
Pulse pressure (mmHg)
History of coronary events (%)7.3
History of cerebrovascular events (%)3.2
Haematocrit (%)
Sedimentation rate (mm/h)
Blood glucose (mg/dL)
Diabetes (%)18
Serum uric acid (mg/dL)
Low-density-lipoprotein cholesterol (mg/dL)
High-density-lipoprotein cholesterol (mg/dL)
Serum triglycerides (mg/dL)
Circulating cortisol (μg/dL)
Circulating T3 (ng/dL)
Circulating T4 (μg/dL)
Plasma TSH (mlU/L)
Circulating insulin (μU/mL)
Apolipoprotein B/A ratio
Current smokers (%)10.4
Cigarettes/day in smokers (median 9)

Mean ± standard deviation is provided for continuous variables, percent values for categorical variables. HOMA-R: homeostasis model assessment index; TSH: thyrotropin.