Table 2: Studies published on ABPM in subjects older than 65 years.

Study (year)No. of patientsAge rangeTime of followupResults

Lee et al. (1995) [8]10265–93NANormality values
Fotherby and Potter (1995) [7]10865–>80NANormotensive values of ABPM
Nondipping pattern
Sega et al. (1997) [6]80065–74NAPopulation base. Normality values
Hoshide (2002) [67]81141 monthsABPM was more useful than CB P
in extreme dipper and riser patterns
Wing (2002) [68]71365–83N/AABPM prevents overtreatment
O’Sullivan et al. (2003) [9]15678NASBP was associated with age
Nondipping pattern and age
Björklund et al. (2004) [13]872 (men)709.5 yrsPrognosis of cardiovascular risk
Burr et al. (2008) [24]1144726.7 yrsABPM as mortality predictor.
Nighttime SBP as best predictor
Ungar et al. (2009) [19]805723.8 yrsSBP, PP with low DBP, and mortality
Gosse et al. (2010) [4]955>65N/APopulation base. Prevalence of hypertension
Andrade et al. (2010) [62]1068330 monthsABPM predicts cardiovascular events. SBP loads

NA: not applicable.