Table 1: Efficacy of the antihypertensive treatment in stroke and cardiovascular events in different trials performed in the elderly.

TrialMean age at randomization (years)Subjects enrolled Mean BP at randomization (mmHg)Drug treatmentMean followup (years)Stroke Reduction (%)CV events reduction (%)

Coope/Warrender6888419699Atenolol; Bendrofluazide4,04−30
EWPHE72840183101HCTZ; Triamterene; Methyldopa8NS− 27
HYVET84384517391Indapamide; Perindopril2−30−34
MRC-HT70439618591Atenolol; HCTZ; Amiloride5,8−31−35
STONE67163218090Nifedipine (Long-acting)2,5−57−60
STOP-HTN76162719594Atenolol; HCTZ; Amiloride; Metoprolol; Pindolol5−47−40
Syst-China67300017186Nitrendipine; Captopril; HCTZ2−38−37
Syst-Eur70469517485Nitrendipine; Enalapril; HCTZ2−42−31

SBP: systolic blood pressure; DBP: diastolic blood pressure; EWPHE: European Working Party on High blood pressure in the Elderly trial; HYVET: hypertension in the very elderly; MCR: Medical Research Council Hypertension Trial; SHEP: systolic hypertension in the elderly; STONE: Shanghai Trial of Hypertension in the Elderly; STOP-HTN: Swedish Trial in Old Patients with Hypertension; Syst-China: systolic hypertension in China; Syst-Eur: Systolic Hypertension in Europe; NS: not significant; HTCZ: hydrochlorothiazide.