Figure 6: Immunohistochemistry for CGRP. (a) Representative microphotographs of CGRP-immunoreactive fibers surrounding mesenteric arteries in myenteric plexus preparations of sham-operated as well as of OVX female rats. Either genistein (10 mg/kg p.o.) or genistein plus fulvestrant (10 mg/kg p.o. and 2.5 mg/kg s.c., resp.) were administered daily during 3 days. The photomicrographs were captured at 400x magnification; the scale bar indicates 50 μm. (b) Bars represent the mean ± SEM ( ) of relative morphometric units measured as stained area/total area. Specific immunoreactivity in every tissue was calculated as the difference between anti-CGRP-incubated and nonprimary antibody-incubated samples. between sham and untreated-ovariectomized female rats. between genistein-treated and either genistein plus fulvestrant-treated or the corresponding vehicle-treated OVX rats.