International Journal of Hypertension / 2015 / Article / Fig 2

Research Article

CYP17A1 and Blood Pressure Reactivity to Stress in Adolescence

Figure 2

Schematic diagram of the cardiovascular protocol. The cardiovascular protocol consisted of one physical challenge and one mental challenge. The physical challenge was active posture test, which consisted of three periods during which the participant was first supine (10 minutes), then standing (10 minutes), and finally sitting (10 minutes). The mental challenge was a math-stress test, which consisted of a prestress (4 min), explanation (~1 min), postexplanation waiting (4 minutes), math-stress (2 minutes), and math-stress recovery (10 minutes) periods. Black squares indicate the initial and final BP values used to calculate BP reactivity to standing and math stress and the boxes show 5-minute averages of poststanding and postmath resting BPs.