International Journal of Hypertension / 2021 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Analyzing Trio-Anthropometric Predictors of Hypertension: Determining the Susceptibility of Blood Pressure to Sexual Dimorphism in Body Stature

Table 4

Regression analysis summary for the trio-anthropometric predictors of SBP and DBP in male and female rural dwellers of Afikpo community, Ebonyi State, Nigeria.

Regression coefficient (B) valueORCI of 95%Regression coefficient (B) valueORCI of 95%

MaleBMI (kg/m2)−0.2610.9080.9700.578–1.6280.2470.4711.2800.654–1.250
WG (inch)−0.5580.1620.5720.262–1.2510.1840.7941.2020.302–1.479

FemaleBMI (kg/m2)0.1630.1741.1770.931–1.4890.1310.2561.1400.914–1.422
WG (inch)−0.4950.2480.6090.263–1.413−0.5190.2240.5950.258–1.373

WG = waist girth, WHtR = waist-height ratio, SBP = systolic blood pressure, DBP = diastolic blood pressure.