International Journal of Inflammation / 2012 / Article / Tab 2

Review Article

Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Interleukin-19 in Vascular Disease

Table 2

Effects of IL-19 on resident vascular cells.

Tissue typeEffectSpeciesSource

ECAutoinduces IL-19 expressionh[40]
Activates STAT3, Rac1, and MAPK p44/42h[40]
Increases EC proliferationh[40]
Increases EC spreading, and migrationh[40]
Proangiogenic (increase tube, microvessel formation)m[40]
Inhibits HuR nucleocytoplasmic translocationh[67]

VSMCInhibits proliferation, hyperplasiah, r[41]
Autoinduces IL-19 expressionh[41]
STAT3 phosphorylation, translocationh[41]
Increases SOCS5 expressionh[41]
Inhibits MAPKs (p44/42, p38)h[41]
Decreases inflammatory, proliferative proteins, and mRNAsh[68]
Decreases HuR protein abundanceh[68]
Inhibits HuR nucleocytoplasmic translocationh[68]
Decreases ARE-bearing mRNA stabilityh[68]
Inhibits PKCα activationh[68]
Inhibits migration, spreadingh[69]
Inhibits activation of MLC, cofilin, Hsp70, Rac1, and RhoAh[69]
STAT3-dependent increase heme oxygenase-1 expressionh[70]
Decreases ROS in vitro and in vivo h, m[70]
Inhibits apoptosish[70]

Abbreviations: h: human, m: mouse, r: rat.