International Journal of Inorganic Chemistry / 2013 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Syntheses and Characterization of the Coordination Compounds of N-(2-hydroxymethylphenyl)-C-(3′-carboxy-2′-hydroxyphenyl)thiazolidin-4-one

Table 2

IR, reflectance spectral data (cm−1), and magnetic moments of the coordination compounds of I.

Compound (COO) (COO)
(C–O)(phenolic) (C–S)
(C–O)(MeOH) Mag. moment (B. M.)

LH3 (I)1520830Diamagnetic
Co(LH)(MeOH)3 1572135815307959868700, 13000, 185504.75
Ni(LH)(MeOH)3 1572135215268059898980, 15980, 249003.14
Cd(LH)(MeOH) 156013471530810984Diamagnetic
Zr(OH)2(LH)(MeOH) 156213371530815974Diamagnetic
UO2(LH)(MeOH) 156713491529810980Diamagnetic