Research Article

Synthesis and Anticonvulsant Activity of Various Mannich and Schiff Bases of 1,5-Benzodiazepines

Table 4

Anticonvulsant activity using thiosemicarbazide induced convulsion model.

Compound code Thiosemicarbazide induced model Neurotoxicity study
0.5 hr1 hr2 hr 1 hr4 hr
Dose: 30 mg/kg

NBZD-1230 mg 30 mgNot protectedNNNN
NBZD-1330 mg30 mg30 mgNNNN
NBZD-1430 mgNot protectedNot protectedNNNN
NBZD-1530 mgNot protectedNot protectedNNNN
NBZD-1630 mg30 mgNot protectedNNNN
NBZD-1730 mgNot protectedNot protectedNNNN
NBZD-1830 mg30 mg30 mgNNNN
NBZD-1930 mgNot protectedNot protectedNNNN
NBZD-2030 mgNot protectedNot protectedNNNN
NBZD-2130 mg30 mgNot protectedNNNN

Symbol (NN) indicates no neurotoxicity 30 mg/kg of b.w.