Figure 22: Repeated haloperidol treatment caused a reduction in the number of spontaneously active dopamine neurons in both SAL and MAM rats injected with vehicle compared to untreated control animals. Treatment with SH-053-2′F-R-CH3 (0.1 mg/kg, i.v.) reversed the haloperidol-induced reduction in cells/track in SAL, but not MAM, rats (a). Repeated haloperidol treatment had no effect on the firing rate of dopamine neurons recorded in SAL or MAM rats treated with vehicle. However, SH-053-2′F-R-CH3 caused an increase in firing rate of dopamine neurons in repeatedly haloperidol-treated SAL rats (b). Repeated haloperidol treatment, as well as SH-053-2′F-R-CH3 injection, had no impact on the percentage of spikes occurring in bursts for dopamine neurons recorded in SAL and MAM rats (c) [36, 38, 4761]. .