Figure 26: Protein expression of the   α5 subunit in intact human trachea-bronchial airway smooth muscle. Representative images of human tracheal airway smooth muscle sections using confocal microscopy are depicted following single, double, and triple immunofluorescence labeling. The antibodies employed were directed against the   α5 subunit (green), α-smooth muscle actin (SMA; red), and/or the nucleus via DAPI counterstain (blue). Panels illustrate the following staining parameters from left to right: (1st) costaining of DAPI and   α5 subunit; (2nd) α-SMA staining alone; (3rd) triple-staining of   α5, α-SMA, and DAPI; (4th) DAPI nucleus counterstain, with primary antibodies omitted as negative control. Modified from [6675].