Figure 28: SH-053-2′F-R-CH3 (2) mediated activation of α5 containing receptors attenuates bradykinin-induced elevations in cytosolic Ca2+ in human airway smooth muscle cells. (a) Representative Fluo-4 Ca2+ fluorescence (RFU) tracing illustrating pretreatment with SH-053-2′F-R-CH3 (2) (SH-053) (10 μM) reduces cytosolic Ca2+ response to bradykinin (1 μM). This effect is reversed in the presence of gabazine (200 μM, receptor antagonist). Modified from [6675]. (b) Compiled results illustrating SH-053-2′F-R-CH3 (2) pretreatment of   α5 receptors on human airway smooth muscle cells attenuates bradykinin-induced elevations in intracellular Ca2+ compared to levels achieved following pretreatment with vehicle control ($$ = ). While gabazine-mediated blockade of channels does not significantly affect bradykinin-induced intracellular calcium increase compared to vehicle control, gabazine treatment did reverse SH-053-2′F-R-CH3 (2) ability to attenuate bradykinin-induced elevations in intracellular calcium thereby illustrating a channel specific effect (n.s. = not significant). Modified from [6675].