International Journal of Metals / 2014 / Article / Fig 2

Research Article

A Numerical Formula for General Prediction of Interface Bonding between Alumina and Aluminum-Containing Alloys

Figure 2

Schematic diagram of interface energy and preferred interface termination as a function of (chemical potential of Al) for M with intermetallic compound (MAl) and oxides (MO) formation taken into account. On the left side of the border A, Al2O3 reduces to Al metal. On the right side of the border B, the interface is not Al2O3/M (pure metal) but Al2O3/ (metal oxide). When is larger than that at the border B, the interface is O-terminated. If mixed oxide phase MAlO exists, the border C appears in the figure and the interface with alumina would be Al2O3/ instead of Al2O3/.