International Journal of Metals / 2014 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

A Numerical Formula for General Prediction of Interface Bonding between Alumina and Aluminum-Containing Alloys

Table 3

Binding energies of Al 2p in Ti-Al compounds prepared in various conditions compared to those in alumina on Cu and Ni related metals as references.

Preparation conditionsBinding energy (eV) Termination Reference
Al 2p3/2 or Al 2p
Al 2p3/2 or Al 2p
Al 2p3/2 or Al 2p
(ox) − (MAl)

Cu9Al(111)74.90 72.582.32Al[24]

TiAl(111)1 10−5 Pa, 923K75.572.23.3[25]
Ti45-Al551 10−5 Pa, 923 K75.572.33.2[26]
Ti55-Al45<5 10−8 Pa, ~873 K74.971.63.3[27]
Ti3Al1 10−5 Pa, 923 K75.572.33.2[26]
TiAl1.3 10−5 Pa, 673–873 K74.471.72.7[28]
Ti45-Al5510 Pa, 423 K & 623 K75.272.572.63[29]
TiAlair, 573–673 K74.972.32.6[30]