Research Article

Numerical Investigations on Characteristics of Stresses in U-Shaped Metal Expansion Bellows

Table 1

Different design parameters.

Design parametersNotationsSpecifications

Expansion joint materialSA-240 321
Material UNS numberS32100
Bellows design allowable stress129.65 N/mm2
Bellows ambient allowable stress137.89 N/mm2
Bellows yield stress 157.39 N/mm2
Bellows elastic modulus at design temp.183090 N/mm2
Bellows elastic modulus at ambient temp.195121 N/mm2
Poisson’s ratio 0.300
Bellows material condition Formed
Design cycle life, required number of cycles7000
Design internal pressure1.099 N/mm2
Design temperature for internal pressure190°C
Bellow typeU-shaped
Bellows inside diameter131.000 mm
Convolution depth8.000 mm
Convolution pitch8.000 mm
Expansion joint opening per convolution0.2985 mm
Total number of convolutions10
Nominal thickness of one ply0.300 mm
Total number of plies3
End tangent length13.000 mm
Fatigue strength reduction factor1.500