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Influence of Vinasse Application in the Structure and Composition of the Bacterial Community of the Soil under Sugarcane Cultivation

Table 3

OTUs of Alphaproteobacteria formed with mothur (3% similarities) and identified by MegaBlast and Classifier from RDP II.

OTU formedShared by clones environmentsDescription based on RDP II classificationResults in MegaBlast
Accession (16S rRNA database)Similarities in MegaBlast (%)Genus

Otu001SFS004, SFS058, SFS189, SPS048, and SPS052Order Rhizobiales and family Hyphomicrobiaceae unclassified (SFS004, SFS058, SFS189, and SPS052) and Rhodoplanes (SPS048)NR_134225.197Variibacter gotjawalensis

Otu004SPS074, SPS064, SPS075, SFS037, and SPV011Order Rhizobiales (SPS075 and SFS037) and family Hyphomicrobiaceae unclassified (SPS074, SPS064, and SPV011)NR_125638.196Bradyrhizobium valentinum

Otu011SFS036, SFS027, and SPS171Order Rhizobiales (genus Nitrobacter SFS036 and SFS027) and Bradyrhizobiaceae unclassified (SPS171)NR_125638.1100Bradyrhizobium valentinum

Otu012SFS122, SFS193, and SPS012Order Rhizobiales and Xanthobacteraceae unclassified (SFS122) and Rhizobiales unclassified (SFS193 and SPS012)NR_043515.195Pseudolabrys taiwanensis

Otu018SFS057 and SPS023Family Bradyrhizobiaceae (SPS023) and genus Bradyrhizobium (SFS057)NR_133987.199Bradyrhizobium neotropicale

Otu019SFS069 and SPS024Order Sphingomonadales (SPS069) and family Sphingomonadaceae (SPS024)NR_133862.197Sphingomonas daechungensis

Otu039SFS064 and SPS173Order Rhizobiales (SPS173) and Methylocystaceae unclassified (SFS064)NR_134156.294Rhodoplanes oryzae

Otu052SFS025 and SPS203Order Rhizobiales (SPS025) and Hyphomicrobiaceae unclassified (SPS203)NR_134225.196Variibacter gotjawalensis

Otu067SFS071 and SPS080Family Sphingomonadaceae (SPS080) and Sphingomonadales (SPS071)NR_074280.196Sphingopyxis alaskensis

Otu068SFS182 and SPS078Order Rhizobiales (SPS078) and Rhizobiales unclassified (SFS182)NR_112190.194“Rhodoplanes cryptolactis”

Based on 95% confidence threshold in Classifier.

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