Table 1: Antibacterial activity of different concentrations of Aloe weloensis leaf latex.

Diameter of inhibition zone (mm)
MicroorganismsLeaf latex (400 mg/ml)Leaf latex (500 mg/ml)Leaf latex (600 mg/ml)DMSO (30 µl/ml)Ciprofloxacin (5 μg/disc)

S. aureus16.16 0.16a18.23 0.12a25.93 0.066aa27.03 0.03a
E. coli5.03 0.03a8.10 0.10ba10.10 0.05aa26.36 0.18a
P. aeruginosa12.13 0.08a14.06 0.06a11.06 0.06aa27.00 0.00a
E. fecalis15.10 0.10a17.03 0.03a14.16 0.12aa27.06 0.03a

Results are given as mean ± SEM of ZI (excluded the diameter of the well) in mm (). aStatistical significance at (Duncan test); —, no zone of inhibition.