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International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences
Volume 16, Issue 2, Pages 319-328

On certain classes of p-valent analytic functions

Department of Applied Mathematics, National Fisheries University of Pusan, Pusan 608-737, Korea

Received 5 November 1991

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The objective of the present paper is to introduce a certain general class P(p,α,β)(pN={1,2,3,}, 0α<p  and  β0) of p-valent analytic functions in the open unit disk U and we prove that if fP(p,α,β) then Jp,c(f), defined by Jp,c(f)=c+pzc0ztc1f(t)dt    (cN) belongs to P(p,α,β). We also investigate inclusion properties of the class P(p,α,β). Furthermore, we examine some properties for a class Tp(α,β) of analytic functions with negative coefficients.