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International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences
Volume 24, Issue 10, Pages 673-689

An example of nonsymmetric semi-classical form of class s=1; generalization of a case of Jacobi sequence

Faculté des Sciences de Gabès, 6029 Route de Mednine Gabès, Tunisia

Received 24 February 2000

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We give explicitly the recurrence coefficients of a nonsymmetric semi-classical sequence of polynomials of class s=1. This sequence generalizes the Jacobi polynomial sequence, that is, we give a new orthogonal sequence {Pˆn(α,α+1)(x,μ)}, where μ is an arbitrary parameter with (1μ)>0 in such a way that for μ=0 one has the well-known Jacobi polynomial sequence {Pˆn(α,α+1)(x)}, n0.