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International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences
Volume 30, Issue 7, Pages 399-434

The averaging of nonlocal Hamiltonian structures in Whitham's method

1Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, 117940, Kosygina 2, Moscow, Russia
2SISSA-ISAS, Via Beirut 2-4, Trieste 34014, Italy

Received 16 June 2001

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We consider the m-phase Whitham's averaging method and propose the procedure of “averaging” nonlocal Hamiltonian structures. The procedure is based on the existence of a sufficient number of local-commuting integrals of the system and gives the Poisson bracket of Ferapontov type for Whitham's system. The method can be considered as the generalization of the Dubrovin-Novikov procedure for the local field-theoretical brackets.