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International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences
Volume 31, Issue 8, Pages 509-512

Notes on Whitehead space of an algebra

Department of Mathematics, University of Zanjan, Zanjan, Iran

Received 2 August 2001

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Let R be a ring, and denote by [R,R] the group generated additively by the additive commutators of R. When Rn=Mn(R) (the ring of n×n matrices over R), it is shown that [Rn,Rn] is the kernel of the regular trace function modulo [R,R]. Then considering R as a simple left Artinian F-central algebra which is algebraic over F with CharF=0, it is shown that R can decompose over [R,R], as R=Fx+[R,R], for a fixed element xR. The space R/[R,R] over F is known as the Whitehead space of R. When R is a semisimple central F-algebra, the dimension of its Whitehead space reveals the number of simple components of R. More precisely, we show that when R is algebraic over F and CharF=0, then the number of simple components of R is greater than or equal to dimFR/[R,R], and when R is finite dimensional over F or is locally finite over F in the case of CharF=0, then the number of simple components of R is equal to dimFR/[R,R].