Let H denote the class of functions f(z)=z+k=2akzk which are analytic in the unit disc Δ={z:|z|<1}. In this paper, we introduce the class Mαλ[A,B] of functions fH with f(z)f(z)/z0, satisfying for zΔ:{(eiλαcosλ)(zf(z)/f(z))+αcosλ(1+zf(z)/f(z))}cosλ((1+Az)/(1+Bz))+isinλ, where denotes subordination, α and λ are real numbers, |λ|<π/2 and 1B<A1. Functions in Mαλ[A,B] are shown to be λ-spiral like and hence univalent. Integral representation, coefficients bounds, and other results are given.